Preventive Dentistry

Our dentists here at Silver Sands Family Dental Care are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that shows confidence and good health.
Preventive Dentistry Silver Sands Dental
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Preventive Dentistry

Initial Consultation

The first people you will meet will be our friendly reception staff, who will ask you to complete a medical form.

Our dentist needs to be aware of your general state of health as this can often impact upon the condition of your teeth and gums and may effect medication such as anaesthetics and antibiotics we may use for you.

At your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss any dental concerns you may have or how you would like your teeth improved.

Your dentist will give you a full oral assessment to help accurately plan which treatments would be best for the health of your mouth. During this examination we will be looking at -

  • Teeth and the way you bite
  • Original restorations  – Filling, crowns, veneers etc
  • The health of your gums and surrounding bone around each tooth
  • Your tongue, throat, cheeks & lips for signs of oral cancer
  • Jaw joint evaluation

Dental X-rays will also be taken of your teeth to check for -

  • Decay inside the tooth or between the teeth.
  • Abscess or cysts on the roots of your teeth.
  • Root positions
  • Bone loss

Once the examination is complete the dentist will dicuss the findings with you.

We will then create a treatment plan with alternative options for you, including all the benefits and risks of each procedure and the costings. This will allow you to decide what is best for your long term dental health

Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are made from a plastic material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA is strong and tough and can be easily moulded to fit precisely over your teeth and gums.

Mouthguards are the most effective protective pieces of equipment to help prevent injury to the mouth - protecting the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. A mouthguard does not only protect your mouth, it can also cushion blows to the mouth or jaw therefore preventing damage to the jaw, neck or brain.

Having a dentist take special impressions will create a guard to perfectly fit your mouth, teeth and gums, providing ultimate protection. The procedure is very simple; your dentist will take moulds of your teeth both upper and lower. They will be sent to the dental laboratory where our technician will fabricate your custom made guard.

Bad Breath

Bad breath (or halitosis) is an unpleasant odour which can occur from time to time or be long lasting.The main cause of bad breath is in the mouth. We have millions of bacteria that live in the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue and these bacteria feed on the food debris that accumulates in the mouth and between our teeth. The bacteria give off a sulphur compound and it is this that creates the bad odour. Smoking and drinking alcohol contribute to the unpleasant odour. There are other conditions which affect the airways and stomach that can lead to bad breath too.

Improving your oral hygiene is the most effective way to eliminate bad breath. Brushing teeth and tongue twice a day using fluoride toothpastes, as well as flossing, will remove the bacteria  which generally removes the odour.

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Preventive Dentistry Silver Sands Dental
Preventive Dentistry

Our dentists here at Silver Sands Family Dental Care are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that shows confidence and good health.

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